• Intuitive assessment interface
  • Applicant invitation workflow
  • Record file notes
  • Customise reports
  • Connect to 150+ institutions
  • Smart insights from Sherlock
  • Full control of categorisation

Relie Check

The first responsible lending solution
Write loans faster and with less risk


A complete introduction to the system to allow participants to see the system in a live demonstration, and evaluate if it may have value within their business.

  • Explains what RELIE is and how it works
  • Shows the steps to create an assessment and how to add applicants
  • Shows the different parts of the Assessment Screen and how each works
  • How to make changes to an assessment and add Notes
  • How to finish a session and generate reports
  • How to generate Bank Statements
Download your Relie Check introductory webinar powerpoint

Please contact support@opicagroup.com.au to arrange a Webinar

Save Time

Let us find all the issues in the transaction data for you

Get 12 months of transaction data instantly

Automatically determine their Mandatory vs Discretionary Expenditure

Highlight areas of concern such as:

  • Undisclosed debts
  • Changes in high risk expenditure such as gambling
  • Life event changes such as pending child-birth

And no need to get manual statements from clients!

Why Relie Check?

Effortless Data Capture

  • A Relie Check provides everything you need to know about your customer at the click of a button

  • We automatically analyse your customers data over a 365 day period in seconds

More data partners than anyone else

  • We connect to more data partners to provide you access to over 150 institutions

  • No more tedious paper statements to manually trawl through

Better Quality transactions

  • Our advanced AI Insights and Analytics gives you improved clarity over a customer’s financial position

  • Only lend to those that can prove their ability to meet your Responsible Lending requirements

Integration at the drop of a hat

  • Integrate the Relie Check process into your CRM system for uninterrupted workflow processes

  • Create a seamless process for your customers to enhance their application experience

Advanced pattern matching

  • Every transaction is individually unique in nature, so let us analyse them all and tell you which ones are interrelated by identifying the key attributes in each transaction.

  • We do what people simply cannot when you look at a bank statement.

  • We constantly adapt our pattern matching through advanced machine learning to constantly provide you with up to date real world data knowledge.

Reduce Fraud

  • Use our Insights to identify questionable transaction practices, undisclosed financial commitments and high risk spending

  • Guaranteed to help you find and eliminate fraud in the application process to ensure you only lend to genuine applicants

How can Relie Check work for you?

Step #1
Create a new Application

Add the Application Details

This step can be skipped if you integrate RELIE into your CRM

Step #2
Add Applicant(s)

An Application can have any number of Applicants.

Step #3
Add Institutions/Bank Accounts

Select from over 140 Institutions

The client enters their login credentials

in 60-90 seconds RELIE returns a list of all the amounts

Step #4
Performing an Assessment

12 Months of Transactions, all categorised for you

Quickly verify all Income

RELIE highlights the areas of concern from scanning the transactions

  • Undisclosed Debts

  • Spikes in Gambling

  • Life Events - Pregnancy

Calculates Mandatory Expenditure for you

Step #5
Assessment Summary

Summaried Report of all expenses

highlights surplus income

Step #6

Detailed report of all transactions analysed

Records all changes made during the assessment

What does it cost?

  • Relie Check cost is $15 per applicant added to the system
  • Setup Cost: One off fee of $20 per user
  • Minimum Cost: $30 per month
    The minimum is not in addition to the applicant cost. Provided you put two or more Applicants through our system each month you will pay only for usage.

The ONLY true responsible lending tool in the market

Australia’s first Responsible Lending Engine

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