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Security is our Top Priority

  • We NEVER store your banking credentials

  • Your data is ENCRYPTED with 256 Bit encryptions level, which is more powerful than some banks

  • Your data is only provided to the broker that YOU AUTHORISE

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What is a Relie Check?

A Relie Check is a snapshot of your previous 12 months of banking transaction history. It is used by brokers and lenders to speed up and streamline loan applications resulting in less paperwork and a quicker decision about loan approval.

How do we do a Relie Check?

We have used our extensive lending experience to build a proprietary Intelligence engine called Sherlock that retrieves your bank statement data from one of many data providers that provide us access to your banking institution.

Why is a Relie Check important?

As part of tighter government regulation for borrowing money, loans now require your broker and lender to make an increased level of inquiry into your banking transaction history as part of the loan approval process. A number of these inquiries directly relate to your ability to repay the loan over time.
A Relie Check is the most important part of the enquiry process as the data shown on your transaction history will show your income (and the regularity to which you are paid) and your total living and lifestyle expenses, both of which are imperative in determining if the loan you have applied for is suitable for you.

Do I need my bank statements or credit card statements?

No. We will download all of your transaction data electronically as part of the Relie Check process.

How do you access my banking transactions?

We access your transactions electronically via our secure portal which connects directly to your internet banking from you your nominated financial institution.

Is my Internet Banking secure? Do you have access to my login details?

Yes it is. We use 256 Bit encryption over multiple firewalls and levels of entry to secure your information. We NEVER keep your internet banking credentials and they are immediately deleted after you enter them into the portal to provide access to the data transfer from your banking institution. If you need to get a second Relie Check, you will need to re-enter your banking credentials again.

What other information do you need to get a Relie Check?

Yes you can. Simply ask your Broker or Lender at the time of using the portal to provide you with a copy of your report. You can only get it at the time of application as we do not maintain your data transactions after the single use of the information at the time of your application.

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